Cūlinique® Black-Tie Mousse Cake

An incredibly moist, deep, dark frozen chocolate cake concealing a secretly married Couple:  rich, velvety white chocolate and luscious milk chocolate mousse. This tempting trio is elegantly dressed for special occasions in a full layer of semi-sweet chocolate glaze embraced with the finest quality chocolate curls. All natural, no chemicals or preservatives.

Wholesale only please. Call 1-800-947-3572.

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Cūlinique® Surprise Inside
Food Molds - 2 Each - 9"

Original patented molds for creating gorgeous filled desserts, entrees and appetizers. Nine-inch set includes two mirror-finish commercial quality aluminum molds, perfectly-sized for one box cake mix, full-color packaging, illustrated instructions and 10 complete recipes with color photos. $29.95

Distributed by Wilton Industries under licensing agreement.
Wilton® Fanci-Fill™ Cake Pan Set

With Fanci-Fill, it's easy to create amazing filled cakes, entrees, salads and more. You'll serve delicious filling in every slice! The patented recessed design creates a contour you can fill with ice cream, fruit, mousse and more — just bake, fill, flip and frost! The premium non-stick coating provides easy release so cakes unmold perfectly from the pan.

Item #2105-150 - Only $14.99!

To order go to where you may learn more about Fanci-Fill and view recipes! Or call 800-794-5866 and be sure to mention item number 2105-150. Distributed by Wilton Industries, Inc. under licensing agreement with InOvation Enterprises.
Cūlinique® Surprise Inside™
Food Molds – 2 Each - 6”

Patented molds for creating gorgeous filled desserts, entrees and appetizers. Six-inch set includes two mirror-finish commercial quality aluminum molds, recipes and instructions. $19.95

Cūlinique® Serv-the-Slice™
Multi-Function Server

Multi-functional cake server is dishwasher safe and apportions, slices and serves with ease. Full-tang 18/10 Stainless Steel blade with impact resistant handle provides exceptional strength and glides easily, even through ice cream-filled cakes. The blade is narrow and cuts completely through the cake, allowing for fuss-free serving of 'slivers to slabs.'   $11.95
Cūlinique® Baker-Spade™
Kitchen Helper

Extra-large transport tool with flexible 18/10 Stainless Steel blade is dishwasher safe and allows for easy one-handed movement of cakes from rack to platter. The 45 degree impact resistant handle provides the user with a secure means to maximize benefit with minimum effort.   $15.95
Cūlinique® Cool-N-Glaze™ 
Kitchen Racks-2 Each-10"

Set of two 10-inch cooling racks are double chrome plated with ball feet. Their unique spiral configuration keeps transport tools from getting stuck and their attractive design allows them to do double-duty at tabletop as trivets. Dishwasher safe. $17.95


Cūlinique® Surprise Inside™
Instruction & Recipe Booklet

Cūlinique® Surprise Inside™ expanded instruction booklet includes 12 glossy pages of illustrated instructions, 10 complete recipes and full-color photos.   Price includes S&H.   $6.95

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